There’s snow in Rome

Snow in Rome

Rare occurrence of snow in Rome. The Italian capital is usually blessed by a moderate climate but snow fell in Rome today for the first time in 6 years. There will be a reduced number of public buses in circulation in Rome on 26 February . The subway service should be running as normal. […]

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Lanciani’s 1901 map of Rome

1901 map of Rome

A 1901 map of Rome is arguably the best map ever made of the most mapped city in human history. The map, created by archaeologist Rodolfo Lanciani, documents the city in meticulous detail from its ancient past through the end of the 19th century. The map is huge. Fully assembled, […]

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Old postcards of Rome

Rome 1890, via Sacra at Imperial Fora

Postcards of the ancient landmarks of Rome were produced around 1890 using the Photochrom process, which add precise gradations of artificial color to black and white photos. The process was invented in the 1880s by Hans Jakob Schmid (1856–1924), an employee of the Swiss company Orell Gessner Füssli, and was most […]

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