November 30, 2017

Emperor Trajan’s exceptional life, a new Rome show

Trajan's Column in Rome, 1865

Trajan called himself “an ordinary man who lived an exceptional life” and said “I was just the right man in the right place”. He was the first emperor appointed on merit and not for any family ties with his predecessor.

A new Rome show on Roman emperor Trajan aims to show his pop side, spanning the senses of being hugely popular with the Roman people and Senate and the original vision of a ruler who left the capital monuments admired through the Renaissance like his famed column and markets.

The show Trajan, Building an Empire, Creating Europe runs until September 16 2018 in the run-up to the 1900th anniversary of the death of Rome’s first non-Italian ruler, a Spaniard Pliny the Younger called the “best of emperors”.

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Trajan’s Column, Fratelli d’Alessandri (1865)
Museum of Photographic Arts / Flickr

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