There’s snow in Rome

Snow in Rome

Rare occurrence of snow in Rome. The Italian capital is usually blessed by a moderate climate but snow fell in Rome today for the first time in 6 years. There will be a reduced number of public buses in circulation in Rome on 26 February . The subway service should be running as normal. […]

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Christmas Cribs, Markets and Gospel in Rome

Nativity scene

The 42nd edition of 100 Presepi, the international nativity crib exhibition, takes place at Sala del Bramante in Piazza del Popolo and can be visited daily from 10.00-20.00, including Christmas Day, until January 7. Each year 100 Presepi hosts some 150 nativity scenes from Italy and more than 40 other […]

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Bernini, new exhibition at Borghese Gallery

Bernini, Apollo & Daphne

The universal talents of Baroque artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini – sculptor, painter, architect, and urban planner – are at the heart of a new exhibition featuring the 17th-century master, opening November 1 at Rome’s Borghese Gallery and running through February 4. The Borghese Gallery is the permanent home of nine […]

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When in Rome, don’t take a dip in the monumental fountains

La Dolce Vita

The fountains of Rome are famous all over the world. Their classical shapes and crystal clear waters enchant visitors for many centuries. You can admire the Trevi Fountain, the Barcaccia, the Piazza Navona fountains, the Tritone at Piazza Barberini and many others at any time, even at night, and without […]

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Tiber river dive welcomes 2017 in Rome

Diving into the Tiber 2017

The tradition of jumping into the river on New Year’s Day, which was also captured in Paolo Sorrentino’s movie The Great Beauty, dates back to 1946. It was started by an unemployed lifeguard who was trying to find work as a stunt man and decided to jump into the waters […]

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The Pasta Amatriciana festival in Rome

The famous Pasta Amatriciana, a culinary excellence of Amatrice, the city severely affected by the earthquake.

Until Sunday, December 4 Eataly hosts the Amatriciana Festival, an event in support of earthquake victims in central Italy, in collaboration with the Municipality of Amatrice. All proceeds will be donated to charity to the City of Amatrice. Be prepared for three days of events in which the original gastronomic […]

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Circus Maximus opens to the public

Circus Maximus and Torre della Moletta

Situated in the valley between the Aventine and Palatine hills, it was the first and largest stadium in ancient Rome and its later Empire. All sorts of public event have taken place in Circus Maximus: horse riding, hunting to exotic animals, theatre performances, public executions as well as religious and […]

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The 2016 Cinema Festival in Trastevere

Festival Cinema Trastevere 2016

Two glorious months of films under the stars, shown against the characteristic backdrop of Piazza San Cosimato in Trastevere. This free event boasts films selected to appeal to a broad audience, and includes some Disney for the children and a nostalgic reminder of some great Italian classic comedies. Works by […]

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